I signed up for the Integral Yoga Therapy program after attending the Raja Yoga TT (one of the core modules). Around that time the pandemic hit the USA and I had some very dramatic shifts in my home & work life as a result of lockdown. Raja Yoga TT, my own practice and self-study provided a sturdy foundation to see these changes through a different lense. By the end of the TT I was sure I wanted to continue to dive deeper and stay in community with other yoga practitioners during this time. This program is led by some of the most experienced and genuine instructors I have had the privilege to learn from. Each module adds a unique layer of depth to our tool belt as we begin to venture out into client work as yoga therapists. There is also a process of deep introspection that transpires in a way that is unique to Integral Yoga. As a student in this program, we are as much on our own journey to find balance as we are learning to support our future clients on theirs. I cannot imagine studying yoga therapy anywhere else, this program really is one of a kind!