Phase 1 Modules

Foundations of IY Therapy

Dive into the richness of therapeutic Yoga within the authentic lineage of Integral Yoga. In this training, we will use the panchamaya kosha model to explore human health.
— 50 Therapy credit hours

Raja Yoga Teacher Training

Raja Yoga is a guidebook to happiness, peace of mind and self-transformation. Raja Yoga is the foundation of all branches of Yoga, and brings Yoga into every aspect of your life. It is also the basis for understanding therapeutic applications of Yoga.
— 83 Therapy credit hours

Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training

The Adaptive Gentle/Chair Yoga Teacher Training provides a solid foundation for Yoga teachers so that they will know how to adapt the traditional Yoga asana for those students who may be limited in movement owing to age, illness, disability, or injury.
— 67 Therapy credit hours

Human Body: Ease and Dis-ease

Deepen understanding of the structure and function of the human body while examining pathophysiology that leads to suffering. From a model of ease, examine what processes lead to dis-ease and what interventions can assist in restoring the whole being to health and wellbeing.
— 110 Therapy credit hours

Upcoming Phase 1 Modules:

Phase 2 Modules

Stress Management Teacher Training

This training is designed to give Yoga therapists the essential skills and confidence to teach Yoga as Stress Management in a wide variety of environments, including the workplace, hospitals, schools, and many other surroundings.
— 63 Therapy credit hours

Psychology and Mental Health

This training will provide participants with a thorough overview of how Yoga and mindfulness can impact and heal issues related to emotional dysregulation, depression, anxiety, trauma, an overactive brain, and negative wiring.
— 53 Therapy credit hours

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a deeply rejuvenating element that can be incorporated into any Yoga practice. Using props, the body is placed in gentle, supported asanas that can be held longer without physical effort. 
— 44 Therapy credit hours

Basics of Ayurveda

Basics of Ayurveda provides a holistic model of Yoga therapy based upon Ayurveda, the medical aspect of the Yoga tradition. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences for healing and transformation throughout all levels of our being.
— 50 Therapy credit hours

Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships specializes in recognizing the difference between intellectual knowledge and a deeper intuitive experiential understanding. This training is devoted to focusing on the primary importance of the healing relationship and human connection between therapist and client.
— 30 Therapy credit hours

Upcoming Phase 2 Modules:

Capstone Module

Integrations Module

The Integration Module weaves together all the elements of the Integral Yoga Therapy modules to ensure participants have assimilated Integral Yoga therapeutic teachings.
— 72 Therapy credit hours

Upcoming Capstone Modules: