• Integral Yoga Confidentiality Agreement

    I, the undersigned, as an owner, instructor, teacher, trainer,  workshop presenter, employee or staff member, hereafter referred to as “Staff”, hereby agree to the  following:  INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CONFIDENTIALITLY 
    1. The Integral Yoga Therapy Certification Program training materials for the Integral Yoga Therapy  Certification Program (the “Manuals”) are owned by Integral Yoga and are considered “Intellectual  Property”. Staff may use the Manuals for his or her personal study use, but may not use the Manuals for his or her own professional or business purposes. Staff may not copy, reproduce or distribute the  Manuals to any other person other than in the course of their assigned duties at Integral Yoga. Staff may not scan, upload, transmit or distribute any portion of the Manuals over the Internet or any social  media platform other than in the course of their assigned duties at Integral Yoga. Staff may not modify  the Manuals in any way unless instructed by Integral Yoga nor may copy any portion of the Manuals and include it within any written materials, articles, other training manuals or incorporate the material  in any business or training that Staff may create or conduct in the future.
    2. Staff may not use the Manual, in whole or in part, in connection with any teacher training program  other than the Program, either domestically or internationally, in which he or she may participate or  teach in the future. 
    3. All information, whether oral or written or via computer or electronic media, to which a party is  given access or which is made available by one party to the other, whether directly or through a third  party at the disclosing party’s request, is referred to hereinafter as “Confidential Information.” Confidential Information shall include, without limitation, all technology, know-how, processes,  software, databases, trade secrets, contracts, proprietary information, all historical and financial  information, business strategies, operating data, organizational records and cost structures, product  and business requirements, and information about or from employees whether received before or after  the date hereof. Confidential information also includes all customer or personally identifiable  information, including, without limitation, names, addresses, telephone numbers, electronic mail  addresses, URL’s, IP addresses, birthdates, social security numbers financial and transactional  information, and any other information that is deemed to be nonpublic personal information, all  medical records and information relating to medical records that is protected by HIPPA. Confidential  Information additionally includes non-public information about Integral Yoga’s officers, employees  and clients, information related to the design or implementation of Integral Yoga’s infrastructure and  passwords, intellectual property, information related to products or services under development and  material financial information that has not been released or reported to the general public. 
    4. Except as expressly provided in this document, or with Integral Yoga’s prior written consent, all  Integral Yoga Staff agree: (i) to hold all Confidential Information of the disclosing party in confidence,  (ii) that Confidential Information of the disclosing party will not be accessed by, disclosed, made  available or transferred to any third party, (iii) that it will not use any Confidential Information for  purposes other that the performance of the stated “Activities”.
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