Why Complete a TCA?

  • Completing the TCA is a process designed for student growth and transformation into a Yoga Therapist mindset—developing critical thinking skills to appropriately implement concepts with any individual or group.
  • Moving through the process with a mentor, students receive feedback as they are interpreting the teachings and implementing a plan. The TCA is a chance to explore one specific aspect of each core module as a “Yoga Therapist in training” during a practice session with a practice client.

Guidelines to Complete a TCA: Plan—Report–Rubric

  1. After completing the core module, brainstorm on the teaching you want to implement and the target client/group.
  2. Meet with the client/group to determine specific needs before creating the plan.
  3. Formulate an outline for implementation in simple, clear language– stating key teaching to address, goal for the sessions, relevant client/s details, and step-by-step plan. BE SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, and SIMPLE.
  4. Map out a timeline for completion including a minimum of 2-5 client interactions, lasting between 10 and 45 minutes. The TCA must be submitted within six weeks of each module’s completion date.
  5. Submit the plan to the mentor for approval.
  6. Receive feedback from the mentor before implementing the plan with your client –making adjustments as necessary.
  7. Keep a journal/notes as the implementation process with the client/group begins.
  8. Reflect and refine. Consult the TCA Rubric to ensure all key elements are included.
  9. Complete TCA Report and submit to mentor for grading.
  10. Mentor will grade the report using the TCA rubric and return to student with feedback.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Start broad and then zoom in on specifics as you gain clarity on your goal. Continue to simplify so you have a clear key teaching with a precise and detailed goal. KEEP IT SIMPLE.
  • You must meet with your client/group prior to creating your implementation plan and submitting to your mentor for feedback. This is how you will know if your goal will meet your client needs and adjust your plan accordingly.
  • Remember, this is not about you as the student achieving perfection, it is a learning opportunity for growth and transformation to practice thinking like a Yoga Therapist, to receive and integrate feedback from a mentor, and to discover ways to best serve your client/group.
  • Ask for feedback from your mentor and peer group.
  • Review the rubric prior to any module requiring a TCA, and jot down any relevant notes during the training to revisit upon completion. The TCA cannot be completed during a training, but you can find inspiration to apply once it is completed.
  • There is a six-week timeline from end of core module to submission date for final assessment.